Getting Mutual Fund Quotes into MS Excel

With the termination of the Yahoo Finance quote services, it has become difficult to get quotes for Mutual Funds directly into MS Excel. Here is one solution using and the MS Excel Data Connections ability. This example is for the Mutual Fund “DODGX - Dodge & Cox Stock Fund.” For other funds, change the “DODGX” to the appropriate stock symbol. This example is using MS Excel 2013.
1. In an MS Excel Worksheet, click the “Data” tab
2. Click “Connections”
3. Click the “Add” box
4. Click “Browse for More” box
5. In the “File Name” box, type “” and click “Open”
6. Click “Yes” multiple times until you can’t click it any more (about a dozen times).
7. Enlarge the resultant browser box as large as it can go.
8. Find the table with the words in blue “Last Net Asset Value (NAV)”
9. Immediately to the left of these words, you will see a black arrow in a yellow box. Click the black arrow.
10. Click “Import” in the lower right hand corner of the box.
11. In the “Work Connections” box, click “Connection” under “Name.”
12. Click the “Properties” box.
13. Change the Connection Name from “Connection” to “DODGX”
14. Click OK
15. Click Close
16. Under the “Data” tab, click “Existing Connections.”
17. Under “Connections in the Workbook” click “DODGX”
18. Click OPEN
19. In the Worksheet, click the cell where the upper right corner of the Mutual Fund Data should be placed.
20. The resultant information placed into the worksheet should be similar to the following
        Last Net Asset Value (NAV) $207.73
        Ask: $207.73
        Total Net Assets: N/A
        Previous Close: $207.01

• From my experience, the Mutual Fund prices are updated about 2 – 3 hours after market close.
• The mutual fund data automatically updates when the Worksheet is opened. If you want to change that, right-click on any one of the data cells and then click “Data Range Properties.” You can change many of the properties of the data connection.
• If you want to manually update the mutual fund data, click the “Data” Tab and then click “Refresh All.”
• There may be other websites that can be used for Mutual Fund data connections. The good thing about is the data is very clean cut and easy to manipulate.
• At some point may be able to provide Mutual Fund quotes. See for updates.
• The above example can be used for Stock Quotes; however, the data obtained is not as “clean” as that obtained for Mutual Funds. I recommend using See for details but you have to dig down into the comments for the answers.
• Any comments or corrections, please email me at – Thanks – Doug Mischlich